CINSPIRATION  The power of Cinema today is undeniable.  It is truly the medium of our time, combining visual and aural storytelling to have a profound impact on even the staunchest preconceptions.  At the Center for the Triumph of Will, we believe in using films for more than merely entertainment.  A film can touch the very heart of a person revealing their greatest unwillingness and their greatest desires.    These three films hold valuable lessons that cannot be taught in a classroom or read in a book. They put you inside one person’s struggle, not only to survive, but also to find the thing that is worth living for.  If you are interested in attending a free screening of one or all of these films, please contact us so we may inform you of showtimes and locations.  WILL (1999)  This autobiographical film was Fay’s life work and most lasting achievement. Despite her condition, Fay stars in the film, chronicling her fame-obsessed adolescence, earthquake tragedy, subsequent recovery and unintended rise as a self-empowerment hero.  At its premiere, she described it as the project that “has kept me alive”.  Many have since found viewing the film  a similarly life affirming experience.  TATUM’S TRIUMPH (2002)   Roger Tobler’s controversial film serves as an anatomy of an unwilling soul brought to the depths of humanity and then lifted to its heights.  You’ll witness first hand his own struggles, jealousies and ultimate decision to do the unthinkable all through the frame of his rejuvenation at the Center for the Triumph of Will. Describing it as his ‘apology’ to Fay, he hopes the film will rescue others who might find themselves on the path to self-destruction.  EYE OF MADNESS (1970)  With the death of August Jones (Fay’s father) in the midst of shooting, the film suffered a fatal blow. August’s powerful performance would never be recognized in the subsequently reimagined storyline.  However, in this re-edited version of the movie that inspired Fay’s famous question, “What’s your plutonium?” you’ll see what might have been.