THE CHRONICLE  Of the many powerful documents Fay Lindsay-Jones left with us, none is more central to her philosophies, more emotionally resonate or more mysterious than the 68 hour Chronicle.  Delivered in a semi-conscious state as Fay lifted out of her two week coma, it is an epic monologue of her life up until her tragedy.  It remains with us thanks to the bravery of the hospital staff that recorded this unbroken stream of speech around the clock for three days, defining patient confidentiality policy in order to save this unique testament for posterity.  More than a mere autobiography, the Chronicle  is a wrenching self-examination that reveals the deepest fears and desires faced by Fay prior to her phoenix-like rebirth.  It serves as both a window into her unique mind and a model of the forces that drive all of us to achieve or fail.  It also harbours many mysteries that only the subconscious can unlock.  Today the chronicle is used by the center as it’s most powerful tool of rejuvenation.  Through intense exposure to its words, rejuvenees are forced to examine their own life with the brutal honestly Fay does her’s.  They are taken back in time to the root of their unwillingnesses.  Back before their feelings were seen in the context of their place in society.  Before they learned what dreams were realistic and which were ridiculous.  Back to a time where every belief system was set in place and forgotten.  Only by returning to this tender age can progress in the present be made.    Fay often asked others, “What's your fire?”, trying to find the experience that could do for them what her literal burning had done for her.  The Chronicle, being essentially a recording of Fay’s transformation at the brink of death, often serves as that ‘fire’ for others, blasting their archaic notions of who they are and what they can achieve.     Nowhere has this use of the Chronicle been more proven than in the stunning rejuvenation of Roger Tobler, who credits it specifically as the document that saved his life.